Hello, my name is Marcus. A country-boy moved to study in Sydney. Almost a year after moving to Sydney and settling in shared apartment in Newtown I have discovered mysterious world of “357” sauna in the city. Since then I am regular visitor and have some experience to share with those interested.

Finally, I got courage to get up and walk into the darkish corridor. Let’s explore the place I thought. Some guys were just standing and some were laying on vinyl covered beds in the cubicles on the right side. I continue to the end of the corridor and then turned left and continued before going upstairs where I found more cubicles and some rooms for public sex with slings etc. Top floor is occupied by nice café with reasonable prices. Walked down one level and started cruising. I stopped in front of one of the cubicles and just as I was thinking about guy from the showers he appeared around the corner and walked toward me and entered the cubicle and stood there rubbing his cock under the towel. I started feeling heat in my face and did not know where to look and what to do. He walked to the cubicle door, grabbed my arm and said

  • “You are waiting for me?”